May, 18, 2020

Investor Board vs Advisory Board - Modus Podcast // Ep. 5

Episode Overview In the 5th episode of the Modus Capital Podcast , Kareem Elsirafy explains the difference between an Advisory board and the Investor Board. How to painstakingly select the members of each one as an entrepreneur, build st...
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May, 05, 2020

How to use process to make up for a lack of resources?

Kareem Elsirafy on Resource Allocation: Using Process to Mitigate a Lack of Available Resources Few startups have the luxury of operating without any regard for budgetary concerns; instead, it is typically the case that every startup ent...
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Apr, 30, 2020

Pravica Raises US$500,000 Pre-seed with Participation of Modus Capital

Today we’re excited to make it official that Cairo-based Pravica, a WEB 3.0 Email Service Provider (ESP) using Blockchain technology has closed its pre-seed round of US$500,000. The round was led by 500 Startups , with the participation ...
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Apr, 26, 2020

How to Prepare a Winning Pitch Deck - Modus Podcast // Ep. 4

Modus VC · How to Prepare a Winning Pitch Deck Episode Overview The purpose of a pitch deck is for you to first and foremost articulate your product and the value proposition and the basic information that's going to get an investor exci...
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Apr, 26, 2020

What to Look for in a Cofounder? - Modus Podcast // Ep. 3

Modus VC · The One Thing You Should Look for in a Co-Founder Episode Overview In this 3rd episode of the Modus Podcast , Kareem Elsirafy, managing partner at Modus Capital, explains the difference between VCs and Angel Investors, while a...
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Apr, 23, 2020

VCs vs Angel Investors; How to Raise Capital for your Venture? - Modus Podcas...

Episode Overview In this 2nd episode of the Modus Podcast , Kareem Elsirafy, managing partner at Modus Capital, explains the difference between VCs and Angel Investors, while also discussing when it is recommended to actually raise capit...
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Apr, 22, 2020

Welcome to the Modus Podcast - Modus Podcast // Ep. 1

Episode Overview: On the first episode of the Modus Podcast, Kareem Elsirafy, managing partner at Modus Capital, talks about our 4 business units that work holistically as a safety net to support entrepreneurs and startups in the MENA Re...
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Mar, 29, 2020

How to stay productive when working from home!

In the past couple of weeks, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have transitioned to working from home or working remotely. There is much uncertainty in these times, but we can take comfort in knowing that, with some tips a...
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Mar, 23, 2020

How to create the right budget for your startup?

Kareem Elsirafy on Startups, Budgetary Needs, Resource Allocation, and Building a Runway Entrepreneurs running an early-stage startup undeniably endure challenges that are difficult to predict or plan for well in advance, but many of the...
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Mar, 17, 2020

14 Tools to set up remote work culture during the Coronavirus outbreak

Two days ago, we deployed a full work-from-home strategy to help protect our team members and their families across 3 different continents and more than 5 countries. We know that hard times require new measures and being a tech-driven co...
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