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Sep, 29, 2020

How to Surf the Web Safely

Everything online is used to track us, collect data, study our behavior, and turn users into a statistic. But, some users prefer to surf the web privately without big brother's prying eyes. To that end, we have rounded up some hints and ...
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Sep, 21, 2020

Keyword Research for a Winning SEO Strategy

Do you wonder how your audience finds your business online? Keyword research is a pivotal part of any marketing plan. In this article, we take a deep dive into how to conduct in-depth keyword research for a winning SEO strategy.
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Sep, 14, 2020

App Store Optimization for Middle East Marketplace 101

In this article, we will let you in on a few secrets to help you improve your app's ranking, and boost app installs.  With these simple, lesser-known tips and tools, your mobile app can climb to the top of App Store rankings.
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Sep, 08, 2020

Ok, Google: How to Get my MENA Startup Ready for Voice Search?

Voice search is making its way to the Middle East. To get you prepared, we will discuss how your MENA startup can leverage voice search to scale your business.
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Sep, 01, 2020

Mean Reversion In Egypt’s Grocery Delivery Market

It is undeniable that the pandemic has accelerated the penetration of e-commerce by the accessibility of brick and mortar stores. Read for more on Egypt's e-commerce market analysis.
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Aug, 18, 2020

The Tools your Team Needs to be as Efficient as Possible

Setting your team up for success is tied to the company’s operational structure. Kareem Elsirafy shares the tools every team needs to be as efficient as possible.
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Aug, 11, 2020

Modus Insider: Exclusive Chat with Play:Date Founder & CEO

Following the $250,000 investment in UAE-based Play:Date, an application that helps parents build their child’s social circle, we had an exclusive chat with @Shamim Kassibawi, founder and CEO of Play:Date . During this exclusive intervie...
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Aug, 11, 2020

Scaling SEO for Middle East Startups

SEO is traditionally overshadowed by the "tired and tested" marketing strategies. However, scaling SEO for Middle East startups can help you reach the right VCs and boost brand reputation.
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Aug, 09, 2020

VC101 Recap: Here’s What Happened in the First 2 Sessions!

Startup investment in MENA is an ever-changing landscape. Entrepreneurs need to understand the subtle nuances of raising capital and discover various resources and strategies available to them to raise funds. That’s why we’ve collaborate...
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Aug, 03, 2020

How to Create the Ideal Team for your Startup!

Kareem Elsirafy on Team-building: Creating the Perfect Mix of Startup Talent Out of all the decisions the founder or co-founders of a startup will have to make, assembling the core leadership group -- not to mention key team members and ...
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