Our Company Values

At Modus, we are dedicated to building an interconnected ecosystem based on long-lasting, overarching, and shared cultural values.

The more our teammates, founders, and investors implement and adopt our values, the greater our chance of thriving and succeeding together.

Company Values

Modus’ is a Latin word meaning ‘the way in which something is done’, ‘a particular way of doing something’, and ‘a mode of procedure’.

How did we discover and create our core values?

The nucleus of our brand and our values stem from this definition. Our values indicate how we operate our business on a day-to-day basis, how we handle decision-making, and the way we communicate both internally and externally.

We are not perfect, but our core values are steadfast and at the forefront of all that we do. We believe that only through applying these values will we shape the success of Modus, our founders, investors, and internal culture.

Modus Culture


Creating ripples and striving for results is at the center of all that we do. While financial returns are paramount, our commitment to impact investing is an obsession based on a culture of continuous innovation and a need to contribute towards a better future. Modus’ success relies on the success of our team, founders, and investors. We only win when they win.

Humanistic in Nature

People are our most important asset. We are a people-centric organization at the core and understand that real value and true wealth lies within the success and satisfaction of our people. We have a commitment to empowering our internal team, founders, and their customers.

Agile but Resilient

We are quick and lean, but have the ability to respond efficiently to unforeseen changes and difficult challenges. We hustle with speed and decisiveness, but never lose sight of quality and attention to detail, and are able to correctly identify and calculate risk.

Empirical and Unbiased

We are data-driven and only make decisions based on objective facts or assumptions supported by analytics. We are therefore able to accurately solve problems, improve processes, and identify opportunities. Despite this, we know when to be subjective and always have an open line of communication with our teammates, founders, and investors.

Holistic Approach

We are interconnected and all-encompassing. Our team, founders, and investors are connected, working as one cohesive unit to achieve an overarching, long-term goal. Everyone understands how their efforts contribute to the organization as a whole. We are holistic in the way we support our entrepreneurs, the way we operate, and the way we view people.