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We’re building new and exciting companies and are always looking for talented people with out-of-the-box ideas to join our growing team.

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A friendly team of international experts, spanning six countries and four continents

At Modus, we believe that real value is in the people. Through our Venture Builders and VC fund, we invest in talented individuals with an edge, but alongside portfolio companies, also invest in our internal team and believe in the importance of human capital for success and prosperity.

Modus Culture

Impact Obsessed

Creating ripples and striving for results is at the center of all we do. Our commitment to making an impact is an obsession based on a culture of continuous innovation and a drive to contribute towards a better future.

Humanistic in Nature

People are our most important asset. We are a people-centric organization at the core and understand that real value and true wealth lies within the success and satisfaction of our people.

Agile but Resilient

We are quick and lean, responding efficiently to unforeseen changes and difficult challenges. Resilience is a mindset that we’ve adopted. We don't shy away from tough times, we tackle them head on and persevere as a team.

Empirical and Unbiased

We are a data-driven organization and make decisions purely based on facts. Despite this, we know when to be subjective and always have an open line of communication with our team, founders, and investors.

Holistic in Approach

We are holistic in the way we support our entrepreneurs, the way in which we operate, and the way we view people. Everyone understands their position and how their efforts contribute to the organization as a whole.

What Modus can do for you

Health and Wellbeing

We have a duty of care to all employees and offer top of the line healthcare, dental, and vision insurance that's available in your market.

Unlimited Time Off

We do not believe in limiting annual leave to a particular number of days, and instead, allow you to pick what works best for you to balance your hard work with what matters most outside of the office.

Flexible Working Environment

Face-to-face interactions and working as a team are integral, but we also know that sometimes you just want to get things done from home. We offer flexibility and trust in wherever you want to work from.

Modus Professional Development Program

You will have access to a dedicated learning and development budget to use on anything that peaks your interest or can aid in executing your responsibilities to a higher level.