Modus is a holistic Venture Platform that invests in people first and provides entrepreneurs with more than just the financial capital needed to succeed. By combining operational, institutional, and financial capital, we provide a foundation for the development of innovation ecosystems that not only funds, but actively builds and nurtures startups in MENA and other emerging innovation markets.

By being holistic in our approach, we provide continuity of specialized support throughout a startup’s early-stage lifecycle.

We do not fund and fall off, but invest and infuse. In other words, we provide more than just capital and are always on-hand and heavily involved with our startups – from the early-stage to ensure a de-risked and viable proposition, to more mature startups seeking to scale and expand. 

Our team, with over two decades of combined experience, consists of international experts who have “been there, done that” and span six countries and four continents.

At Modus, our core objective is to invest in people and human capital. We’re a safety net for entrepreneurs. Taking you through the full lifecycle from 0-1 and 1-beyond.

The Modus Approach

We are composed of three pillars that holistically align with and complement each other. 

We align interests to create high-return opportunities, without the traditional high-risk associated with early-stage investing.

  • Venture Builder: Helping founders fast-track their ideas and early MVPs into high-value creating companies.
  • Venture Capital: An early to mid-stage VC fund, providing funding to Modus-built companies and external direct investments.
  • Corporate Innovation: For corporations and governments to leverage our internal know-how and IP to develop their entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Company Values

We look for certain qualities when recruiting at Modus, accepting companies into our Venture Builder, recruiting talent for our startups, building our VC fund portfolio, and seek in our employees. The more our current and future teammates, founders, and investors implement and adopt our values, the greater our chance of thriving and succeeding together at Modus.