Modus Capital is an entrepreneurial ecosystem development platform with a holistic operations methodology, providing a foundation to support the development of sustainable MENA markets in frontier economies via three supporting entities: Modus Venture Builder, Venture Fund, and Innovations.

Entrepreneurs first, we understand their pains and know what it takes to build companies.

Modus Story

We started as entrepreneurs, founding companies taking them from ideation to exit. With over 2 decades of experience, we began leveraging our know-how as consultants and became known as the team that builds high-growth, high-value companies.

We built Modus Venture Builder and Innovations to institutionalize our operational model, and Modus Capital to allow investor access to these opportunities.

We had success in exiting multiple US-based companies to the Middle East region which got our attention.

We began researching the Middle East & North Africa region and with a deep understanding of its economic constructs and entrepreneurial ecosystems, we saw the need for a comprehensive platform that followed our operational and investment approach.

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