Modus Capital is an entrepreneurial ecosystem development platform with a holistic operations methodology, providing a foundation to support the development of sustainable MENA markets in frontier economies via three supporting entities: Modus Venture Builder, Venture Fund, and Innovations.

Entrepreneurs first, we understand their pains and know what it takes to build companies.

Modus Story

We started as entrepreneurs, founding companies taking them from ideation to exit. With over 2 decades of experience, we began leveraging our know-how as consultants and became known as the team that builds high-growth, high-value companies.

We built Modus Venture Builder and Innovations to institutionalize our operational model, and Modus Capital to allow investor access to these opportunities.

We had success in exiting multiple US-based companies to the Middle East region which got our attention.

We began researching the Middle East & North Africa region and with a deep understanding of its economic constructs and entrepreneurial ecosystems, we saw the need for a comprehensive platform that followed our operational and investment approach.

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Venture Builder

The Builder tailors the program to you, with the primary focus of Product, Solution, and Market fit over a 6-9 month period culminating in an MVP.


The Builder at a glance

Understanding that every company and founder is different, we provide a unique scope of work for each company based on their current needs, not a “one size fits all” model. This allows our model to be lean, agile, flexible and able to accommodate a variety of industries and startup stages. In an inherently risky stage for companies, this tailored approach increases the probability of long-term success while guiding founders and their teams through proven operational frameworks.

How it works:

The program is tailored to your needs and skills, the commitment we ask is tailored to you as well. We have no cash cost associated with our Builder, but do have an equity component. We believe this is the best way to align incentives as we navigate to a common goal.

We grow startups by:

  • Testing and validating product hypothesis and only then building an MVP, thereby avoiding expensive and inefficient tech builds
  • Providing holistic support to match vision and strategy with technical architecture
  • Implementing proven operational frameworks to embed entrepreneurs with the skills needed to build and grow successful ventures

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Venture Capital

An early to mid-stage VC fund that provides funding to Builder companies in addition to external direct investments. The venture fund serves as both the next layer of funding support to Builder graduates, as well as a direct investor in non-builder startups. The fund leverages our unique operational expertise to de-risk investment and expedite liquidity opportunities.


The funds structure aligns the interest of investors, founders, and:

  • Is an industry agnostic investment vehicle deploying into late seed and Series A tech or tech-enabled companies
  • Has a MENA based allocations across the UAE, Egypt & the Levant, KSA, and the remainder of the GCC
  • Supports entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ecosystems with more than just capital, but the holistic infrastructure they need to thrive
  • Drives cross-market access of portfolio companies throughout MENA and the US (and visa versa).

Value Creation Methodology

Understanding Perspective

As entrepreneurs first, we understand what is required to build a successful venture, the challenges, and what it takes to overcome them first hand. With this mentality we support our entrepreneurs with the right approach – as founding partners vs. economic gain seekers.

Invest where it matters

Deep understanding of the market and local skills gaps drives us to focus on learning through implementation, shaping and building critical skill sets for life-long entrepreneurs.

Teaming with the right people

We believe in the importance of human capital for success and prosperity, and excels in bringing the best subject matter experts and top management on board supporting them with bespoke knowledge and practice from our extensive international network of operators and executives.

Vertical and horizontal expansion

M&A activity and market penetration for vertical and horizontal expansion allows our companies to grow their market share, presence, and achieve higher profitability.

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A service platform that leverages our internal know-how to supports corporations and government entities to establish innovation economies. Innovations leverages our core IP, frameworks, and team to provide services that cover the entrepreneurial value chain, providing this as a service to corporates and government entities to develop their entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Innovations Details

Modus Studio as a Service platform consists of four components that can be implemented individually or as a group offering:

Modus Builder

A venture builder program that takes ideas and/or early MVPs to a validated product-market fit MVP that is built to scale.

Modus Educator

A curriculum based startup academy teaching fundamental and advance entrepreneurial skills required to effectively and efficiently ideated, develop, and grow a startup.

Modus Connector

Post-program engagement & community building program providing support to, and mobilizing stakeholders across the value chain for entrepreneurs and startups.

Modus Digital Platform

A comprehensive technology platform built to track, monitor, create linkages between, and digitize objectives of the three aforementioned programs.

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