Based in
Cairo, Egypt
Fun Facts
  • Raising funds for a meme search engine
  • When I was 10, I wanted to become a food sampler
  • Outside of work I am laughing at silly memes and tagging my friends in amusing webcomics

Mohamed Taki

Senior SEO Manager

Mohamed Taki lives and breathes SEO. Mohamed brings a decade of SEO experience to his current role at Modus Capital, where he’s dedicated to creating a stellar user experience through optimizing websites for users—first—and search engines—second.

Mohamed enjoys working to stay in Google’s good graces—and his biggest passion is to see any business make it to the first page of the search engine results. Driven by this passion—as well as a good cup of joe—he sets out to help VCs and MENA startups grow online. In his free time, he enjoys looking at silly memes and tagging his friends in amusing webcomics.

Stuff that excites him spans the bounds of a bowl of noodles, a window seat on a plane, and any display screen. A slow internet connection, search algorithm updates, and pineapple pizza are among his biggest pet peeves.

If there were a tag cloud to describe Mohamed, it would include keywords like “SEO” “Content Creator” “Foodie” “Traveler” “Memester” and “Search Advertising”— not necessarily exact match key phrases.

Mohamed graduated from Misir International University (MIU), majoring in Advertising & PR—and minoring in Journalism.

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