Introducing VC101: An Invite-only Online Fundraising Bootcamp

Introducing VC101: An Invite-only Online Fundraising Bootcamp

Startup investment in MENA is an ever-changing landscape. Entrepreneurs need to understand the subtle nuances of raising capital and discover various resources and strategies to raise funds.

Curious to learn how to raise capital in such a competitive ecosystem?

Join our live-streaming Bootcamp, starting July 6, 2020, as Kareem Elsirafy, managing partner at Modus Capital, unpacks the fundamentals of startup investments in MENA, venture capital, and how to raise funds.

In this invitation-only Bootcamp, Kareem will share data-driven tips on how to raise funds in the Middle East.

The total number of attendees won’t exceed 25 entrepreneurs to guarantee high-level engagement with the speaker and deliver deep-dive knowledge of the curriculum to be discussed.

The VC101 Bootcamp will be published on our Facebook page in case you missed the application, but there won’t be live interaction with the speaker.

What we’ll cover in this Bootcamp:

Session no.1: Introduction to fundraising

Date & Time: Monday – Jul 6, 2020 – 7 pm Dubai
– What is Venture Capital?
– How does it work?
– How do VC funds work?
– How do they make money?
– VC in MENATP: An overview
– Why VC is not for everyone. Should you raise or not?

Session no.2: Inside the VCs Mind (seeing things from the investor’s perspective)

Date & Time: Monday – Jul 13, 2020 – 7 pm Dubai
– How VC in MENATP are different from some other parts of the world esp. Silicon Valley?
– What kind of homework should founders do before reaching out to potential investors?
– How do founders find the right investors (fit for me & fit for them)?
– Things founders should keep in mind when they’re doing the first call/meeting with the investor?
– Etiquette
– What makes VCs invest?
– How should founders define and negotiate the valuation?

Session no.3: Becoming Investment Ready – Part 1

Date & Time: Monday – Jul 20, 2020 – 7 pm Dubai
– What founders should know about dilution, vesting, pro-rata, drag along, tag along, and other important terms?
– What’s a SAFE and Convertible Note? What’s the difference between SAFE, convertible note and priced round?
– What should they keep in mind when they’re bringing an investor on their cap table?
– What is vesting? How should they do it?

Session no.4: Becoming Investment Ready – Part 2

Date & Time: Monday – Jul 27, 2020 – 7 pm Dubai
– What goes down (the process from A to Z)
– The most valuable commodity: your time
– Your deck and the audience
– DD checklist (be ready!)
– Follow-ups and alternative options (what now if they don’t say “yes”)
– What to watch out for as an investee
– What investors see as red flags

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