Modus Capital

Modus Capital

Modus Capitals’ investment focus is early to mid-stage ventures leveraging cross-border linkages to introduce new technologies to MENA and US.

Each deal is customized and tailored to you and your objectives.

Who we work with

We work with and invest in companies that have a clear mission and social impact.


n innate, biologically determined urge to achieve a goal


A clear picture of what it is you want to change


Knowing that what you're doing will fix a problem, provide a service, change a life

Strategic & Analytical

Conquering your challenges and tasks with a methodical approach that ensures your best opportunity for success

Care about how your work impacts others?
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Modus Operations

Develop, operate and grow technology companies by providing consistent holistic support

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What we are working on

Modus Events

Empower knowledge transfer and bridge the gap between capital investors, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders

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Modus Collective

International hubs house potential and existing portfolio companies, providing a collaborative space

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