We help exceptional founders Build their next Venture

Our Venture Builders provide tailored hands-on operational and financial support to build next-generation scalable and sustainable tech companies.
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We only win when you win

The earliest stages of your startup’s journey are the riskiest, and we understand that each company and founder are unique. Instead of taking you through a “one size fits all” model, our programs are agile and provide a unique and flexible scope of work for each company.

We act as a built-in founding team, offering you the infrastructure and operational expertise to build out core functions, reduce technical debt, and maximize capital efficiency to give you the best chance possible at long-term success.

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A full-circle approach for outstanding entrepreneurs

Modus Venture Builders are designed to take ideas and early-stage companies from ideation to the first professional fundraise. We invest both financial and human capital across each month as we navigate the Discover, Build, Grow, and ultimately Raise phases of the company lifecycle.

Check out our regional Venture Builders to build your de-risked business with us:

Ventures Lab

Ventures Lab

Ventures Lab enables early-stage founders from around the world to test and validate their ideas, build MVPs, and take them to market - creating impactful and scalable homegrown tech startups from the UAE.

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MV Builder II

MV Builder II

Cairo, Egypt is home to our first Venture Builder, and we’ve brought it back for round two. MV Builder II builds startups driving digital inclusion for the country’s underserved populations, and is supported by USAID.

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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

The KSA Venture Builder, which marks our latest regional expansion, targets the country’s booming and ever-evolving tech space to directly support Saudi’s ambitious Vision 2030.

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The Process

While each engagement across each venture builder program will be unique, the below gives a general idea of what you can expect when we partner with you:

Application Process

~4 Weeks

A rigorous selection process that challenges founders to discover key assumptions in their business model and validate the potential of creating and receiving value in their respective markets.

Phase 1: Validation

1-2 Months

Deep validation of the product, market and customer base. At the conclusion of this phase we work with the founder to re-evaluate the viability of the startup or idea and make a go/no go decision.

Phase 2: Build

4-6 Months

Bringing the defined MVP to life after a lean experimentation cycle. Go-to-market strategies are established with pre-launch efforts executed to ensure prime product launch.

Phase 3: Grow

2-3 Months

The product enters the market and goes through multiple iteration cycles to strengthen the product-market fit. Marketers set up proper marketing funnels and frameworks and ultimately grow the customer base.

Phase 4: Raise

1-8 Months

We’ll work with you to get you ready to Fundraise. Whether that means growing the user base to hit key KPIs or road showing you through our network. We’ll work with each founder to get you set for hypergrowth. Each company at this stage will also have access to the Modus Capital Fund.

Access dedicated financial support

Each company will receive both cash and services throughout the duration of our Venture Builder programs, with the cash component dependent upon the stage founders are at in the program. We have allocated a founder salary as well as talent recruitment support to build an internal team.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply using the “apply now” links above for each Venture Builder program. Since these are rolling applications, there is no deadline, but we encourage you to apply early.

No! We accept founders with just an idea through an early MVP, and help bring that idea into reality.

Each company is unique, so we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all model. As a result, each engagement will look different based on your stage, industry, and founder expertise. While each engagement is unique, the end goal is the same: a successful raise from professional investors at the conclusion of the program.

At a high level, our programs are designed in the following stages: Discovery, Validation/Research, Design, Build, Iterate, and Sprint.

No, the programs are designed to have multiple inflection points where a go/no-go decision is made. This decision is based on research and market data that comes out in the early stages of the program.

No, there is no cash cost to the founders at any point. Modus will be compensated with equity for services and cash rendered to each startup. The equity percentage will be determined with the founder prior to the beginning of the program. Because of the varying support companies will need, there is no set percentage.

We are industry agnostic. We invest in industries across the board; from SaaS and Medtech to education and consumer products. Ultimately, we work with companies that have a clear mission and social impact.

Yes, graduates will have access to our VC funds. The only requirement is, that Modus cannot be the only professional investor to invest in the round post-Builder graduation.

Incubators intend to support startups from the idea stages of creating a new product for a market. On the other hand, accelerators aim to advance the growth of an existing company with a product and a business model in place. Venture builders look at the holistic process and provide all required operational and capital support to execute, from idea stage through Series A.

Once the application is accepted, we’ll collaborate on the terms of the engagement. Since each company is unique, we want to have a unique approach and not a one-size-fits-all model. We’ll distribute a what to expect package which will lay all this out in detail as well.