Venture Capital: Africa

Modus Africa targets early-stage startups in Sub-Saharan Africa and is uniquely positioned to deliver impact and value to African communities through operational, institutional, and financial capital.
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A sector agnostic VC fund that primarily invests in Seed+ startups where the growth for AI and Blockchain applications are the strongest.


Our Africa-centric fund focuses on all Sub-Saharan countries, while also enabling African startups to scale into the MENA region.


Modus Africa will nurture the growth and development of the continent’s local tech talent and early-stage impact-driven ventures.

Why Invest In Africa

Solve Real Problems

Supporting SDG goals by integrating new techs such as AI and Blockchain will deliver strong financial returns and immense impact on sustainable development.

4th Revolution

Tech investments will be the key to shifting Africa into the 4th Revolution, and startups utilizing AI have the potential to double a country’s GDP growth by 2030.

Fastest Growing Continent

Africa’s population is to double to 2.5 billion people by 2050 with 183 million women already engaged in early entrepreneurial activities.

Attractive Valuations

Opportunities to invest in quality companies at fair valuations, pricing in investors for Unicorn and Zebra exits, while catalyzing foreign investment into the continent.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are sector agnostic with a strong focus on supporting African startups powered by AI and Blockchain technologies.

Our initial investments are in early-stage startups (Seed+) and we provide follow-on investments for our startups that have demonstrated strong traction and impact. 

Initial investments are from $350K to $1.2M, with follow-on investments up to $2M. 

After funding, we support our portfolio companies operationally, and essentially fill in any gaps that they may be facing as their business continues to grow. We are there for the long haul!

We invest in startups whose main impact is focused on Africa. This also includes MENA-based startups solving a massive problem in Africa and those looking to scale to the continent.

In addition to capital, we operationally support portfolio companies to help resolve operational pain points. Areas of engagement include the following:

Product: All aspects of research, design and development

Growth: User acquisition and marketing strategy

Strategy: Business modelling, go-to-market, and growth

Sourcing and placement: Identify HR needs, funnel building and screen the suitable candidates

Fundraising Preparedness: Valuation, financial modelling, and introduction to our investor syndicate

Additionally, we are always happy to make introductions across our network to subject matter experts and investors.

With initial investments in early-stage startups, we focus on the founders and executive team, traction to date, and scalable business models from a unit economics perspective. 

The Modus Platform is split into three offerings, with each supporting one another. Aside from our funds, we have Venture Builders that works with idea/early MVP stage companies, bringing them from idea ⇒ series A; and a Corporate Innovation arm, which is a service platform that leverages our internal know-how to support corporations, governments, and family offices in establishing innovative economies.