Venture Capital

An early to mid-stage Venture Capital fund that serves as both the next layer of funding support to Builder graduates, as well as a direct investor in non-builder startups. We leverage our unique operational expertise to de-risk investment and expedite the liquidity opportunity.
Capital Hero


An industry agnostic investment vehicle deploying into late seed and Series A tech or tech-enabled companies. Ticket sizes vary from $500k to $2m USD. We prefer to lead rounds as a founder friendly partner investor.


MENA based allocations across the UAE, Egypt & the Levant, KSA, and the remainder of the GCC. Additionally we drive cross-market access of portfolio companies throughout MENA and the US (and visa versa).


Support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ecosystems with more than just capital, but the holistic infrastructure they need to thrive

Value Creation Methodology

Understanding Perspective

As entrepreneurs first, we understand what is required to build a successful venture, the challenges, and what it takes to overcome them first hand. With this mentality we support our entrepreneurs with the right approach – as founding partners vs. economic gains seekers.

Teaming up with the right people

We believe in the importance of human capital for success and prosperity, and excel in bringing the best subject matter experts and top management on board to support founders with bespoke knowledge and practice from our extensive international network of operators and executives.

Invest where it matters

Deep understanding of the market and local skills gaps drives us to focus on learning through implementation, shaping and building critical skill sets for life-long entrepreneurs.

Vertical and horizontal expansion

M&A activity and market penetration for vertical and horizontal expansion allows our companies to grow their market share, presence, and achieve higher profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are industry agnostic. We invest in industries across the board (with the exception of Hardware); from SaaS and Medtech to education and consumer products. Ultimately, we work with companies that have a clear mission and social impact.

Our MENA Fund I primarily invests in GCC countries, Egypt, and the Levant , as well as US/EU companies that are portable to the Middle East.

We primarily invest in early to mid-stage ventures leveraging cross-border linkages that introduce new technologies to MENA and US. We typically participate in Seed and Series A rounds as well as follow-on rounds for existing portfolio companies.

Our fund is backed by several types of investors ranging from UHNWI, family offices, private investors, and government backed entities from the US, EU, and MENA.

In additional to capital, we operationally support portfolio companies to help resolve operational pain points. Areas of engagement include the following:

Product: All aspects of research, design and development

Growth: User acquisition and marketing strategy

Strategy: Business modeling, go-to-market, and growth

Sourcing and placement: Identify HR needs, funnel building and screening the right candidates

Fundraising Preparedness: Valuation, financial modeling, and introduction to our investor syndicate

Additionally, we are always happy to make introductions across our network to subject matter experts and investors.

Post funding, we support portfolio companies operationally and fill in any gaps that your company maybe facing as it grows. We are there for the long-haul!

Check sizes vary by company stage:

Incubation: USD 50K – 250K

Seed & Series A: USD 250K – 1M

SME / Follow-on : USD 1M – 5M

The Management team started in early 2018 and spent 10 months on the ground acclimating to the entrepreneurial ecosystem and assessing its needs. We then began staffing Modus and kicked off our first cycle of companies in Jan 2019.

Yes! Every department manager on the Modus Operations team is a mentor. In addition, many of our LPs are strategic partners in the region that enjoy mentoring up-and-coming companies.

Modus it split into three business units, with each unit supporting the one another. Aside from Capital we have: the Venture Builder, which works with idea/early MVP stage companies bringing them from idea ⇒ series A; and Corporate Innovation, which is a service platform that leverages our internal know-how to support corporations and government entities in establishing innovative economies

Many factors go into evaluating a startup prior to investing in them: Some of the key things we look at are:

  • The founders/teams experience in the industry and understanding of the problem
  • The founders true grasp of the market size/opportunity
  • We love to see startups that have done proper market testing and research when looking for their product-market-fit (we don’t subscribe to the idea that, “if we build it, they will come”)