Corporate Innovation

We provide our core intellectual property, frameworks, internal know-how, and team as leverage to establish entrepreneurial economies with corporations, governments, and family offices.

Innovations Hero

Modus partners with corporations, governments, and family offices as innovators-in-residence to solve old problems in new ways. Our two Innovation offerings include:


The BaaS platform brings our Venture Builder methodology and aligns it to your organization’s needs. Together we design a program to meet your objectives, utilizing some or all of the below stages:

  • Discovery
  • Validate
  • Design
  • Build & Launch
  • Iterate
  • Sprint

At the end of the program, our goal is to help you develop processes and frameworks to continue and grow your initiatives efficiently while ensuring a solid foundation for longevity and sustainability.


A curriculum-based startup academy that educates on fundamental and advanced entrepreneurial skills required to effectively and efficiently ideate, develop, and grow a startup. This includes four tracks:

  • Business & Strategy
  • Product & Design
  • Technical Development
  • Marketing & Growth

Your organization can leverage this as a standalone platform or concurrently with the Builder as a Service platform.

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