About Us

Modus is a hybrid venture capital & operating firm based in New York, with offices in Los Angeles and Cairo, Egypt. Our venture capital arm, Modus Capital, offers our portfolio companies much more than a traditional fund can: we build and transform businesses by actively and effectively partnering with them.

To put it simply, Modus Operations incubates, operates, and grows technology companies. It also generates de-risked leads for our venture fund, Modus Capital. This vertically integrated ecosystem offers multiple benefits to both investors and entrepreneurs.

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Services and generates leads for Modus Capital. Relies on an adaptable framework with multiple levels of efficiency and assistance.

Modus Operations is a ruthless producer of holistic growth.

Invests in choice portfolio companies vetted and de-risked via Modus Operations. Achieves de-risked and shorter-term investment maturity, notably via multi-stage allocation and portfolio company support that other VC's aren't prepared to offer.


Where entrepreneurs, investors, and fund managers enjoy aligned interests across the investment and operational spectrum.

The right value-added for everyone.

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How does Modus de-risk my investments?

Invests in a blend of early to mid-stage companies and partners them with a studio of seasoned entrepreneurs. Let’s personally detail you on our uniquely de-risked financial product.

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How can Modus scale my company?

Powers companies with comprehensive operational support. Let’s talk about how your business could profit from facet alignment, scalable development, and iterative implementation.

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