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Kareem Elsirafy

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As Managing Partner at Modus Capital, Kareem Elsirafy takes a new integrated approach to venture capital in MENA. Kareem began his career as an entrepreneur after graduating from Columbia University. A former Marine, Kareem joined forces with a fellow veteran to set up a digital platform designed to help veterans with the transition to civilian life. Kareem Elsirafy is a successful entrepreneur who, for many years, has provided technological solutions to various business and social complications. While studying at the American University in Cairo, Kareem authored reports on the inefficiencies and effects of current consumer subsidies on Egyptian government budget deficit and possible rectification plans. Kareem is a strong supporter of social entrepreneurship and constructive narratives for Western and Middle East dialogue. Kareem holds multiple degrees from Columbia University, including Political Science, Economics and Middle Eastern Studies.

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ic comma I wanted to make an impact, to be more than a consultant. Modus became a VC that guides your business's growth from day one. From operations to financial guidance, marketing, to exit strategies, we work with you to help you achieve your business goals and dreams.

Kareem Elsirafy - Managing Partner

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Aug, 18, 2020

The Tools your Team Needs to be as Efficient as Possible

Setting your team up for success is tied to the company’s operational structure. Kareem Elsirafy shares the tools every team needs to be as efficient as possible.
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Aug, 03, 2020

How to Create the Ideal Team for your Startup!

Kareem Elsirafy on Team-building: Creating the Perfect Mix of Startup Talent Out of all the decisions the founder or co-founders of a startup will have to make, assembling the core leadership group...
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May, 05, 2020

How to Use Process to Make up for a Lack of Resources?

Kareem Elsirafy on Resource Allocation: Using Process to Mitigate a Lack of Available Resources Few startups have the luxury of operating without any regard for budgetary concerns; instead, it is ...
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Apr, 06, 2020

A Startup’s Key to Success: The Process of Testing and Iterating

The ability to develop short-term and long-term plans that account for the wide variety of possible scenarios a startup might experience during its earliest stages is central to its overall success...
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