What to Look for When Hiring your Next Star!

Kareem Elsirafy on Essential Hiring Strategies

The professionals at the core of any company play an essential part in determining the success the company is ultimately able to achieve. This simple fact certainly underscores the importance of the hiring process especially during the early stages of company development.  

Hiring is a difficult and delicate process, particularly since there are substantial costs associated with bringing in an individual who may not be an ideal fit for the company. It is therefore essential that every company develops a clear understanding of the elements of a good hire and the priorities that will serve as a useful guide throughout the hiring process. It is also crucial that every company recognizes if and when it is appropriate to make a compromise at any point in the hiring process, as there is a variety of factors that must be weighed before making any decision of such clear consequences. 

Elements of a Good Hire

 Companies must engage in some degree of reexamination before undertaking the hiring process. This helps the company identify its own core values with the goal of determining which qualities new hires should have. During interviews, interviewers should ask specific questions that reveal how the candidate’s own values align with the values of the company. A good hire is someone who can bring something to the table that will help you enhance your company’s brand. 

Determining Hiring Priorities

Hiring is a costly endeavor, and there is no need to outline the expenses associated with any mistakes made during the hiring process. Even efficient hiring processes can be costly without clearly elucidated priorities, as a candidate may be a “good hire” in a general sense, but could also possess a redundant skill set that does not represent a pressing need for the company. This is why companies should develop hiring priorities based on the talents and skillsets not currently represented among its team members. This will ensure that every new hire not only fits in with the company’s core values but also expands the team’s overall capabilities as well.  

Hiring Compromises: Acceptable or Unacceptable? 

There are indeed circumstances in which it might be necessary to consider negotiating salaries during the hiring process. In order to avoid making an error out of haste, it is critical that companies outline the circumstances in which it will be acceptable to make such a compromise. Every company will come to different conclusions based on their own unique situations or circumstances, but it is not uncommon that a compromise is made to meet the salary demands of an exceptionally qualified candidate if the company believes the expenditure will deliver a clear long-term benefit. There are other examples in which a compromise might be acceptable, but it is ultimately up to the company to make this decision based on its own values and priorities along with its individual situation or circumstance.

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