Introducing the Modus Podcast to the MENA Region

Mohamed Salama

published Jan 26, 2020

Today we are excited to announce the launch of the Modus Podcast, a podcast dedicated to empowering and educating the region’s entrepreneurs on all things startup.

The Modus Podcast helps entrepreneurs break through stagnation and scale their business. Each episode is filled with insights and answers into the biggest questions facing entrepreneurs today. 

Our goal is to empower entrepreneurs in the MENA Region and the world with different perspectives on critical topics like becoming investment ready, managing relations with investors, and even choosing the right co-founder!

Host Kareem Elsirafy will team up with subject matter experts across the world to bring thought-leadership on all things startup. 

These will be a series of Q & A episodes answering the most intriguing questions in the Ecosystem. The big ideas that often get missed in the crush of the unrelenting news cycle.

Each episode of The Modus Podcast will treat you to an in-depth conversation with one of our team members and/or a subject matter expert from our global network from New York to Cairo to Dubai. 

The podcast will start as a bi-weekly show, featuring our Managing Partner, Kareem Elsirafy.

Kareem will talk to you on the first episode about Modus Capital, our vision and what we’re trying to achieve in the Middle East. The second episode will address the hot topic of Fundraising 101 and some key tips and ideas every entrepreneur could benefit from.

Tune in to the podcast on the below platforms and start listening today!

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πŸ”Š SoundCloud πŸ‘‰πŸΌ

Stay tuned for new episodes every other week.