Based in
Charleston, SC
Fun Facts
  • I was a baker for 5 years in college
  • I have been to 6 continents
  • When I'm not working you can find me outside walking the dog (hopefully on the beach!)

Simon Tkachenko


As a Principal at Modus Capital, Simon brings his experience from banking and consulting, and works with startups to implement the operational and financial frameworks needed to function and grow efficiently. Simon began his career in the finance field after graduating from Northeaster University. For the first half of his career he worked heavily in the finance field rotating through fixed income, risk management, and corporate finance. After six years in finance roles Simon wanted to round-out his experience and began a part-time MBA program at NYU Stern while shifting professionally to a management consulting role. There, Simon was exposed to implementing operational best practices across various industries. For the last three years Simon has been working with the Modus team to develop a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in MENA through capital infusion, education, and knowledge transfer.

Articles from Simon

Financial Modeling for Startups Part 1

23 Jun, 2020
This is Part 1 of our financial modeling series, which will focus on the profit and loss statement...