Based in
Dubai, UAE
Fun Facts
  • Proud crazy cat lady
  • Getting a degree in cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Outside of work I'm trying to get the cat to lose weight by running around the house with a toy on a string. Alternatively biking, reading, painting or being out of cell range.

Carmin Baroi

Director of Product

Carmin moved from architecture to product to be able to iterate on solutions and ensure they meet changing user needs. Architecture was too static and defined, while digital was molding based on what people need.

She holds a masters degree in architecture, always worked alongside engineering teams of different types, and has worked in product & design since 2013.

Articles from Carmin

Bias in Product – Most Common Biases in MENA Product Development

28 Oct, 2020
Cognitive biases and distortions are learned thinking patterns which we use to make sense of the...