Founder & Managing Partner

Kareem Elsirafy

Having dedicated almost two decades of his career toward technological solutions in business and social arenas, Kareem is a seasoned serial entrepreneur with extensive operating experience in early-stage tech.

Kareem’s knowledge of causal relationship economics is a major asset when it’s time to tackle companies’ operational snafus. From problem identification and assessment to solution ideation and execution, Modus has unleashed him on a variety of independent initiatives, tech startups, and mature companies.


Recent tech scaling and leadership roles

COO at digital agency Majestyk
Provided strategic, technical, creative, and market execution services to early-stage companies and Fortune 500s such as IBM, Citibank, and Pepsi

SaaS scaler and COO at automation marketing company Simplero

Founder, COO and scaler at SaaS care coordination platform UniteUS
Founded and built the popular platform that helps veterans transition to civilian life. Developed and oversaw the technical, product, sales, marketing, and operational teams with Modus partner Adam Helfgott. Executed company’s strategy and operation design from ideation to 18mm post A series valuation and 6mm in revenue.

Founder, M1 Marketing
Led client acquisition, creative, and business marketing strategy for franchises including RIM-Blackberry and Star Alliance.



United States Marine Corps veteran with a triple BA (Political Science, Economics, Middle Eastern Studies), a Masters in International Affairs, and a pending Executive MBA in Technology Management from Columbia University.



Kareem started racing his motorcycle after managing sales, sponsorship, and operations at Lime Rock Park, a Connecticut racetrack. He enjoys constructive political discourse and hits the slopes during the winter months.