Unite US wanted to help veterans transition out of the military. We helped them do it.

The CEO of Unite US had a business vision for veterans like himself: a social network that listed every available resource to help them reintegrate into civilian life. He immediately reached out to us to define and develop an MVP (minimum viable product) in order to secure venture funding.

We advised Unite US to capitalize on a market opportunity for streamlined service delivery via this social network. But true to the concept, we needed to solve its biggest challenge: user acquisition. And we wanted to acquire users in mass, rather than through a traditionally slow advertising campaign.

We did our market research by meeting with other military nonprofits who had provided similar support. This helped us refine the B2B platform and front-end product. Building on that base, we created their proprietary Network Care Coordination software, which creates geographical networks of nonprofits across various disciplines. This allows partnering nonprofits to securely exchange user profiles, and Unite US to provide comprehensive services that leverage those existing users.

Today, Unite US has expanded its network through the entire health and human services industry and raised an additional 8 million in funding, while generating millions a year in revenue.

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