Modus Capital has taken a stake in Meddy

December 4, 2018

CAIRO, December 4, 2018

Modus Capital, the ecosystem development fund, today announced it has taken a stake in Meddy, a leading doctor booking platform that helps patients find the best doctors and book appointments with them.

Modus Capital has taken a minor equity stake in Meddy in return for offering services through Modus Operations, the operational arm of Modus. Modus Operations has been supporting Meddy with setting up a growth framework. As part of the process, Modus ran through various audits to assess key points such as scalability, user acquisition, and conversion efficiency, while expanding their growth initiative.

Modus Operations has also been supporting Meddy with becoming investment ready, as Meddy is currently kickstarting a fundraising campaign.

“We are very excited to work with Meddy. The Modus model is to run companies through Modus Operations prior to investing in them financially as a way of understanding the detailed needs of companies and to be able to properly support them after investment. The added benefit is that it acts as a derisking measure for our portfolio. We are considering financial investment in Meddy in the near future.”

Kareem Elsirafy, Managing Partner at Modus Capital

“We chose Modus because they had a prior healthcare background and solid operational experience with problems similar to the ones we were facing. Modus helped us improve our conversion rate and optimize the flow, and now our patients have a much better experience of booking appointments and finding the right doctors. As a result, we saw more engagement with different parts of the flow at a better cost.”

Haris Aghadi, CEO of Meddy

About Meddy:

Meddy is a leading healthcare platform in Qatar and UAE. With around 4,000 doctors across the network at the moment, Meddy is currently the fastest growing healthcare network in the region.
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About Modus Capital:

Modus Capital is an ecosystem development fund based out of New York and Cairo. Our approach is to develop sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystems that solve local market challenges while generating profits on a uniquely risk-adjusted basis. These goals are achieved by our holistic approach in leveraging multiple business units that provide efficiency to, and increases the efficacy of one another: Modus Collective, Modus Operations and Modus Events.

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