Modus Operations

Modus Operations is designed to develop, operate and grow technology companies by providing consistent holistic support to early-stage ventures and small to medium enterprises

A great Operations approach requires smart people, a niche-specific strategy and the ability to execute it.

Our team is comprised of highly experienced professionals who will guide you through successful practices to grow and scale your company at all funding stages.




Turn your idea into reality by accessing our team of experts that will manage all aspects of your next app, platform, or service.

Modus takes you from idea to market-ready using agile methodologies with a focus on lean product creation.

When you're ready to get serious about your next entrepreneurial endeavor, talk to Modus.


We work with you to understand your company vision, resources, and goals in building your new product

Technical Audit

Review the technical bottlenecks and limitations of your current tech stack to discover a clear path in creating a more scalable, sustainable product

Product MVP

Taking your idea to market in the most lean way possible, we work with you to validate your idea in the marketplace without wasting time or resources

App Development

Full service development of your mobile or web application, from prototype and design to development and ongoing support

Project Management

We lead the entire process of developing or expanding your product, coordinating all necessary components

Product Management

Using agile methodologies, we build and implement features that are most relevant to your product and company’s goals

Market Research

We communicate with and understand your target audience to uncover what products and features will deliver the most value to your future customers

UI/UX Design

Developing the flow and interaction of your product for the best user experience

Executive Placement

Solving the problems many founders face - the need for a COO, CTO, CMO. We tap our network to build out your ideal founding team




Creating confidence in the eye of the investor can be the make or break moment for your startup.

Modus gets you ready to raise funding with services, analysis, and coaching so you can step in to your next investor meeting ready for anything.



Understanding your company from top to bottom to uncover both strengths and weaknesses that need to be addressed before fundraising

Investor Pitch Training

We prepare you for those precious few minutes (or seconds) you have to impress potential investors, work with our seasoned team of founders and venture capitalists

Financial Model

Help investors and yourself understand your financial roadmap to present a sophisticated view of your company’s trajectory and potential

Revenue Model

Monetize or optimize your product’s revenue potential - We create revenue strategies unique to your company and product

Pitch Deck Services

First impressions matter and communication is critical. Our Pitch Deck services audit your approach, optimize the delivery of your key points, and create eye-popping designs

Incorporation Services

Investors want to see a sophisticated and investable company structure. We will assist you in setting up a company structure that scales





Startups are defined by their growth. Modus builds the frameworks your product needs to succeed in the marketplace.

Building growth isn't just about marketing. Product, user experience, and 'ah-ha!' moments are all critical components that Modus will help you evaluate, systematize, and implement.


We dive deep into your marketing and product to understand what works, what doesn’t, and what needs to be tried next

Growth Framework

The lifeblood of every modern, successful growth story. We teach you how to leverage growth testing to maximize your growth feedback loop to accelerate growth

Funnel Audit

We assess all parts of your user acquisition and retention funnels, providing insight into where the problems are and where the potential lays

Market Implementation

We have specialists in all marketing channels to assist your team in implementing Paid Social, SEO, SEM, Email marketing, PR, and all other forms of user acquisition

Analytics Audit

We discover if you’re tracking your key events properly and if the data coming in is accurate and being understood properly

Data Analysis

Finding new ways to grow can oftentimes be found in data that you already possess. We analyze your existing data to uncover new strategies for growth

Brand Strategy

A brand that connects with your intended audience creates trust and reduces confusion. We create a brand strategy that connects your product to your audience


Calling All Startups

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