If you're ready to become a Modus entrepreneur, tell us about your team and your business

Our Investment Criteria:

  • We prefer to lead but are happy to follow
  • Board seat and active involvement as value-added only
  • Check Sizes:
    • Incubation: $50 - $250k
    • Seed and Series A: $250k - $1m
    • Opportunistic: $1 - $5m
    • We seek 10-40% as a large minority


  • We are industry agnostic focusing on technology value-added but have a tendency  to focus on:
    • Fintech
    • Martech
    • Blockchain protocol applications
    • Enterprise and consumer Saas
    • Health IT
    • Direct-to-consumer


You have completed all the required questions. The additional questions below are optional, but providing a comprehensive picture of the investment opportunity and will reduce our consideration timeline.