If you're ready to become a Modus entrepreneur, tell us about your team and your business

Although not mandatory, we hold strong preference to companies who have completed one or all of our operational modules. This ensures your company is on the right track and provides our investment team with an intimate understanding of the company and its founders.

After investing, our model providing holistic operational support to our companies on an as-needed basis throughout their various phases of growth.



Our Investment Criteria:

  • We prefer to lead but are happy to follow
  • Board seat and active involvement as value-added only
  • Check Sizes:
    • Incubation: $50 - $250k
    • Seed and Series A: $250k - $1m
    • Opportunistic: $1 - $5m
    • We seek 10-40% as a large minority


  • We are industry agnostic focusing on technology value-added but have a tendency  to focus on:
    • Fintech
    • Martech
    • Blockchain protocol applications
    • Enterprise and consumer Saas
    • Health IT
    • Direct-to-consumer


Investment Inquiry

Round Basics

This information is the bare minimum we need about the round you are interested in raising. The values you list here will be seen as estimates, and can be subject to as much change as you want. Just give us a rough feeling of what kind of round you are looking to put together.

Funding Instrument (required)

Lead Investor
The lead investor is the first person to put capital into this round. The lead investor is the face and representative of the syndicate, as well as the person who negotiates investment terms with the company. The lead investor acts in the best interests of the investors of the syndicate.

Investment Size

Existing Commitment
If you have spoken with your own network of investors, customers, friends, family, and professional contacts, how much have they already committed to invest into your next round?

How did you hear about Modus Capital?

Please add any supporting documents that will help us evaluate your business. This can be a pitch deck, financial information, etc. The material will not be shared outside of Modus Capital without your explicit consent.