Product Growth Framework

Modus Collective

November 21, 2018 at 2:00 PM
Who is this event for: This Modus session is aimed for founders, product managers, marketers, or entrepreneurs with just an idea.
What you will learn:
  • How to identify and create an acquisition funnel for your product
  • How to use behavioral psychology to create higher adoption and retention of your product
  • How to leverage User-Generated Content to create organic traffic for your product
More about Eric Sundal: our Director for Digital Growth at Modus helps startup from the US and MENA region create scaleable frameworks for growth in industries ranging from medical services to e-sports gaming and online marketplaces.
Tickets: $100 / company representative.  Team tickets of up to 4 people for $200.



Free tickets contest

If you’re bootstrapping while chasing the dream, send us a 60 second video pitch to sessions@modus.vc answering the following questions: What problem are you solving and how are you solving it? The company with the best solution for the most pressing problem in the local ecosystem wins 2 free tickets. The requirement is that you are non-funded and currently non-revenue.