Based in
Cairo, Egypt
Fun Facts
  • I used to buy Balloons for kids that I didn't know when I was younger
  • Whenever I travel to Europe I insist on travelling through Air France to get the change to transit for a day or 2 just to go to Disney Land, and that's always the highlight of my trips
  • Love to volunteer in charity activities - especially the medical convoys

Salma Emad

Senior Project Manager

Salma is a motivated, personable professional with over 3 years’ experience in project management consultancy, startup technology and customer success. She is well-versed in project planning, team building, communication, software projects, and risk management. Salma used to work in the banking field since university, then she joined the finance world for 7 years, before shifting to project management. Since Salma joined Modus, she has worked diligently to keep a tight ship—her organizational skills and keen attention to details helped team members streamline workflow, manage timelines and optimize tasks efficiently. When Salma is not plugging away at her desk, you’ll find her on the lookout for the next adventure, with her passport at the ready, booking a flight at a moment’s notice—all packed and ready to hit the road.