Based in
Cairo, Egypt
Fun Facts
I obsess about irrelevant stuff, all the time; like really irrelevant - and really all the time (and I repeat myself, I do repeat myself)

Hesham Shafick

UX Researcher

Hesham freshly comes to the field of user research from a field that is quite relevant but not straightforwardly so. His earlier career was spent teaching, researching, and doing politics. Holding a PhD in Political Science, he taught at several politics departments in the UK, including Queen Mary, SOAS, and LSE, and received accreditations in higher education from the British Academy and Harvard University.  He was also a recipient of several research grants, including the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council; and produced over 60 articles published in academic journals like the Review of African Political Economy, Interface, CyberOrient, and the Review of Philosophy as well as political e-zines like Jadaliyya, Opendemocracy, Ceasefire, and LSE Review of Books. Aspiring to make an impact that is more immediate, broad, and monetized, he found his new home in Modus as a UX researcher.