Based in
Dubai, UAE
Fun Facts
Hussain (despite his ADD) manages to read a full book, play 4 different instruments, speak 3 languages fluently, and understands a couple of others. He's also a Massive Call of Duty player and enjoys Anime, Manga, & Cartoons.

Hussain Haji

Entrepreneur in Residence

Hussain is a serial entrepreneur that has launched 5 companies and successfully sold two of them. Hussain comes from a banking background where he worked for several well-known investment firms before one day deciding it’s time for him to pursue his own dreams. He left without a plan, failed twice, and continued learning before his third company was sold to a private equity firm, and then his 4th Company got acquired by a family business. His 5th business was structured to help youth get access to a source of income using the core product called Dalooni. Hussain Also sits on the advisory boards of several startups helping them with their growth strategies, organization structures, recruitment, and products.

Articles from Hussain

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